Multimedia Database on Low Energy and Solar Architecture

The program NESA (NiedrigEnergie- und SolarArchitektur, German for Low Energy and Solar Architecture) describes in a multimedia way low energy and solar architecture in Germany. The amount of presented information and its easy handling make NESA equally useful for both consulting and education.

Idea and software are based on the program DIAS, developed at CUEPE, University of Geneva by Professor W. Weber and his team.

The program consists of:

NESA contains exemplary low energy and solar architecture with detailed explanations by means of photos, plans, elevations, conceptual and detail drawings. Examples are given for buildings with passive solar energy use, solar heating systems, systems for heat recovering and buildings with photovoltaic equipment for electricity supply.

The program NESA calculates for the described buildings e.g. heat transfer coefficients, detailed monthly energy analysis, heating demand according to the German Wärmeschutzverordnung, fuel demand and shading.

A survey map shows the sites of the included buildings. Climatic maps show the geographic distribution of solar radiation and ambient temperature.

The encyclopedia contains headwords related to solar architecture, low energy houses, heating demand and technical equipment for buildings. It includes definitions, equations, units, drawings, descriptions and references.

For this project we also prepared a PowerPoint presentation (in German) as zip-file.

System requirements for NESA:

NESA is available for you as free demo version (in German) in the WWW.

You may test the demo version with all functions of NESA for ten days after installation. For unlimited use of the database you need to purchase a licence.

For further information (e.g. about group licences) please contact:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. F.D. Heidt
T: +49-271-740-3817
F: +49-271-740-3820

You are interested in NESA? Please send your written order to:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heidt
Fachgebiet Bauphysik & Solarenergie
Universität Siegen
D-57068 Siegen