A PC-tool to calculate shadows on arbitrarily oriented surfaces

For both, active use of solar energy (domestic hot water, photovoitaics) as well as for passive solar architecture, shading or lighting of planes plays an important role SOMBRERO provides quantitative results for the shading of collectors or windows by buildings, trees, overhangs or the horizon.

SOMBRERO considers up to 200 plane areas. Time steps of simulation can be chosen freely (minimum: 1 minute). Calculated hourly shading coefficients can be summarized to monthly mean values. SOMBRERO can be coupled with other programs e.g. for building simulation.

SOMBRERO: Program Description

Download of SOMBRERO:

SOMBRERO is available for you as free demo version (in English) in the WWW. The demo version is fully operational, but limited in the time you can test it (10 days).

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